Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Printmaker

Homemade Wedding Crafts & Stationary

  • YMCA Camo Arrowhead Team building program Brochure

    YMCA Camo Arrowhead Team building program Brochure

Design Process


  • Plan


    Let’s Chat! I want to hear your ideas, likes & dislikes so i can best bring your ideas to life. Let’s determine your project objectives and target audience. I will take it from there and work my magic! I do the research, gather materials and start to sketch out your ideas. My goal is to express your desired message to the best of my ability by making a timeless design that grabs your viewers attention.

  • Design


    To Achieve the best design possible sketching is a MUST! On paper my scribbles might not look like much but it helps to work out placement, sizing, texture and all kinds of other wonderful things! Once I am satisfied with my brainstorming I develop a rough draft proof to show my client. Revisions and different versions can start to be made at this time!

  • Build


    I’m so happy you like the rough draft–with your help to complete some tweaks and changes I can begin to build your final piece. I follow current design and printing standards to ensure your project is at best quality. This starts at the building stage–start on the right foot and everything will run smoothly!

  • Final Touches

    Final Touches

    Your happy with the final design you’ve chosen–Now what? I will supply you with the print ready files, send your project to your desired printer or add your new graphics to your web presence. I can work with you to ensure proper printing and delivery of your project. For Wedding Crafts and Stationary I will spend this time adding all those frilly finishes :) This is one of my favorite parts of the design process!

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