• Ashley Poulton

  • Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Printmaker

Ashtetic Designs is the creative outlet and online portfolio of Ashley Poulton. That’s me. I am passionate about all things creative, but especially print design, wedding stationary and printmaking! I have a BFA in Graphic Design degree from SUNY Oswego (2011) and actively work within the design industry to stay at the top of my field. Some of my freelance clients are: YMCA Camp Arrowhead, Genesee Waterway Center, Greece Storm Lacrosse, and SailOn Carpet & Design Center.

Hello, Nice to meet you
I’m Ashley. I can help with ANYTHING creative!  I attended SUNY FLCC in 2007- 2009. While studying graphic design I was introduced to 2 of my other favorite mediums; Illustration & Printmaking. After continuing on to SUNY Oswego I received my BFA in Graphic Design and developed a portfolio filled with work I was passionate about. I am currently the Production manager at YPC Media, an online advertising company located in beautiful Rochester, NY. My experience there has given me invaluable knowledge in leadership, customer service, b2b  & b2c relations and the fast-paced environment of the design industry. As a freelance designer I enjoy slowing down the pace just a bit, getting time to meet with clients and fully indulge in the design process. I strive to find the best solution to every design problem

  • Graphic Design 90%

  • Logo Development 75%

  • Branding 80%

  • Creative Thinking 100%

Graphic Design will save the world right after rock and roll does!

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